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Elect Ruth Johnson and A Democrat Will Replace Her

Take a look at the press release below from delegates in Oakland County.

Here’s the quick rundown of it that you actually will read:

Due to the way the law is set up and the breakdown of the Oakland County Commissioners, if Ruth Johnson is elected to Secretary of State, then a Democrat will replace her as Oakland County Clerk.

We all know how bad this is in general, however, with redistricting just around the corner, we could lose control of Oakland County forever since the Clerk has a large role in redistricting the County Commission seats.

Read the press release for more detail, it’s actually very interesting.


Republicans Call on Ruth Johnson to Remain County Clerk for the Good of the Republican Party

The following Press Release was just received by the Michigan Report:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                    

CONTACT:  Chris Nelson (248) 535-8579
CONTACT:  Joe Green (248) 705-9434

Oakland County – Today Oakland County Republican leaders praised Ruth Johnson for her effective leadership as Oakland County Clerk and asked her to fulfill the remainder of her term so that the Presidential Election in 2012 and redistricting of the county commission is not threatened by a new clerk with ties to ACORN.

Ruth Johnson recently became a leading contender for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State.  She would have to vacate the position of Oakland County Clerk upon winning the General Election.

The method for filling the vacancy is as follows:


Act 116 of 1954

168.209 County office; vacancy; manner of filling.

Sec. 209.

If a vacancy occurs in an elective or appointive county office, it shall be filled in the following manner:

(1) If the vacancy is in the office of county clerk or prosecuting attorney, it shall be filled by appointment by the judge or judges of that judicial circuit.

Oakland County Circuit Judge Nanci Grant would preside over the appointment of the new Oakland County Clerk.  Grant’s husband ran in 2008 for Oakland County Probate Judge and had the endorsement of the Oakland County Democratic Party, and the support of numerous labor unions and left-wing Political Action Committees (PAC’s).

The frontrunner to replace Johnson in Oakland County is Sheila Smith; her 2008 Democratic opponent — the Michigan statewide coordinator of ACORN.  Ruth Johnson and the Republicans barely won re-election in 2008 over Smith and the Democrats by approximately 1% of the vote.

“Ruth Johnson has been a tremendous County Clerk for Oakland County and we need her to stay in that role for redistricting and the Presidential Election”, said Waterford Township Republican Director for the 9th Congressional District Chris NELSON.  “Oakland County Republicans and Michigan Republicans cannot afford for Sheila Smith and ACORN to control the Oakland County Clerk’s office.”

Nelson further stated, “Johnson has been a great County Clerk.  We need Ruth to stand tall for us on the Reapportionment Commission since it will impact our County Commission district lines for the next ten years.  If a Democrat replaces her the Reapportionment Commission will be overwhelmingly weighted toward the Democrats.  With Ruth staying as our County Clerk we have a fighting chance for fair County Commission district lines.”

West Bloomfield Republican Director for the 9th Congressional District Joe GREEN said something similar, “Without Ruth Johnson as our County Clerk fair and honest vote tabulation for the 2012 presidential election in Oakland County is in doubt if the Democrats pick up this seat via a liberal appointment by the Oakland Circuit Court Judges.  Additionally, our hopes of retaining GOP control of the County Commission will be lost for ten years with a huge Democrat majority on the Reapportionment Commission.  We need Ruth to stay in her important office as Oakland County Clerk.”

Judge Grant and the other judges who make up the liberal majority of the Oakland County Circuit Court will be pressed by their Democrat allies to vote for Smith to replace Johnson in the fall.  This would give control of the Oakland County Clerk’s office to the Democrat Party and put them in the driver’s seat of Oakland County elections in time for the 2012 Presidential Election.

The election of Ruth Johnson as Secretary of State would also threaten Oakland County Republicans ability to regain control of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners because the Oakland County Clerk has a large role in the redistricting process:

M.C.L.A. 46.403

Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated Current ness

Chapter 46. County Boards of Commissioners

Apportionment of County Boards of Commissioners

46.403. County apportionment commission; composition; convening; rules

Of procedure; quorum; majority; meetings; availability of writings to public

Sec. 3. (1) The county apportionment commission shall consist of the county clerk, the county treasurer, the prosecuting attorney, and the statutory county chairperson of each of the 2 political parties receiving the greatest number of votes cast for the office of secretary of state in the last preceding general election. If a county does not have a statutory chairperson of a political party, the 2 additional members shall be a party representative from each of the 2 political parties receiving the greatest number of votes cast for the office of secretary of state in the last preceding general election and appointed by the chairperson of the state central committee for each of the political parties. The clerk shall convene the apportionment commission and they shall adopt their rules of procedure. Three members of the apportionment commission shall be a quorum sufficient to conduct its business. All action of the apportionment commission shall be by majority vote of the commission.

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners is currently deadlocked 12-12 because of the recent passing of Republican Commissioner Jeff Potter R –South Lyon.

The Election of Ruth Johnson as Secretary of State could potentially put the 2012 presidential campaign at risk and severely threaten the Republican Party’s chances of regaining control of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.


Senator Cameron Brown- Supporter of Higher Taxes, New Fees, and Fee Increases

Michigan Business Tax:
Senator Cameron Brown is the only candidate running for Secretary of State who supported the creation of the Michigan Business Tax. He voted for the tax increase and in a release from his office called the MBT “a fair, equitable tax structure“ and predicted… “The Michigan Business Tax will allow companies to expand, and encourage new economic development across our state”.

Click here to read Senator Brown’s release on the MBT.

Cameron Brown also voted for the 21.99% surcharge on the MBT.

In a 2008 article, Tricia Kinley, the Director of Tax Policy & Economic Development for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, reported that 77% of their members have a higher tax burden because of the MBT, of which 11% will see an increase by more than 300%. 14% indicated they will be forced to lay off employees, and 31% will cancel wage/salary increases.

Forbes magazine listed Michigan as the 2nd least business friendly state in the country. The MBT needs to go, and the 21.99% surcharge is the worst part of the MBT.

Fee Increases:
Cameron Brown voted in 2003 to increase numerous fees & taxes on driver’s licenses.

Among these are increases of $3 in annual vehicle registration fees; an increase of $13 in the fee for an original driver’s license, from $12 to $25, and from $12 to $18 for a renewal; in increase of $15 for a chauffer’s license, from $20 to $35; an increase in the annual auto dealer license fee, from $10 to $75; and an increase in the annual salvage dealer license fee, from $100 to $160. A new $10 late fee for late vehicle registrations would also be imposed. In total, citizens would pay an additional $70 million to the state under the bill. The bill would use the increased revenue to replace part of the road tax money now diverted to fund the Department of Treasury and the Secretary of State. This is one of many bills authorizing tax and fee increases proposed to close a gap between state spending and expected revenue.

New Fees:
Cameron Brown voted to create the Drivers Responsibility Fee.

Assess an annual $100 driver responsibility fee on individuals who accumulates seven or more points on their driving record within a two-year period. For each additional point above this amount an additional fee of $50 would be assessed. Higher fees would be assessed for certain very serious driving infractions, such as manslaughter, drunk driving, or fleeing police. In addition, a motorist who fails to produce his or her proof of insurance form when requested by a police officer would be assessed $300. This is one of many bills authorizing tax and fee increases proposed to close a gap between state spending and expected revenue.

GOP convention delegates should be weary of Clerks

Calhoun County Clerk Anne Norlander brags about having the endorsement of the majority of County Clerks in her campaign for Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson is the Oakland County Clerk, and also claims to have support from her fellow clerks.

What is it that all of these clerks want from the Secretary of State? What did Anne Norlander and Ruth Johnson have to commit to fellow clerks to get these endorsements?

The Michigan Report obtained the listing of the Michigan Association of County Clerks and Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks legislative priorities for 2009-2010, which reads like a laundry list of the priorities for Jocelyn Benson, the democrats and ACORN.

The Michigan Association of County Clerks Legislative priorities for 2009-10 contains 26 items in no particular ranked order.  Included are (typed as written):

  • no reason AV
  • early voting
  • permit a voter who registered by mail to show ID to any clerk to satisfy ID requirement for AB ballots
  • permit citizens to register to vote in any clerk’s office
  • same day voter registration
  • regulate voter registration drives
  • increase charge for recounts (index cost to $75 or $25 if the difference is 1/2 of one percent)
  • fee increases – marriage license, DBA
  • pilot super precincts

Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks legislative committee 2009-10 priority list contains 17 items in particular ranked order.  Included are (typed as written):

  • in-person “early-voting”
  • no reason AV
  • voter registration at “any” clerk’s office
  • ID verification at any clerk’s office for 1st time AV ballot request process
  • reform recount process and fees
  • delivery of election result documents the next day, provided unofficial #’s reported same day
  • revise absentee ballot application form to use for all elections in a year

This article on right Michigan exposes Ruth Johnson as a supporter of no reason absentee voting and attempting to cover it up by deleting the press release from her Oakland County Clerk website

Conservative convention delegates who oppose no reason absentee voting, same day voter registration, early voting, and fee increases, should pay attention to who the clerks are endorsing and stay away.

Michelle McManus has the support of key Republican leaders from across Michigan

Including more than 30 Republican county chairs and more than 30 Republican State Committee Members

  • Loren Bennett, former state Senator, former Secretary of State candidate, Wayne County
  • Joanne Emmons, former state Senator, Mecosta County
  • Vaughn Begick, County Commissioner, Bay County
  • Cynthia Infante, Lovell Township Clerk and Precinct Delegate, Crawford County
  • Eileen McNeil, 3rd District State Committee Member, Kent County
  • John Niemela, 1st District State Committee Member, Houghton County
  • Gerald Wall, 4th District State Committee Member, County Chair, Roscommon County
  • Marianne Weiss, 10th District Vice Chair, Macomb County
  • Brian Harger, County Chair, Alcona County
  • Ed Smith, County Chair, Sanilac County
  • Paul Sophiea, State Committee Member, Wayne County
  • William Brown, Precinct Delegate, Isabella County
  • Sean Hammond, Precinct Delegate, Eaton County
  • Chris Larson, Precinct Delegate, Ottawa County
  • Judy Kelly, Precinct Delegate, Kent County
  • Patrick Sanders, Precinct Delegate, Ingham County
  • Emma Galbreath, Convention Delegate, Mecosta County
  • Reka Holley, Convention Delegate, Barry County
  • Verla Jameison, Convention Delegate, Grand Traverse County
  • John Dalton, Chair of the Schoolcraft College Republicans, Wayne County
  • Gail Haines, State Representative, Oakland County
  • Terry London, former State Representative St. Clair County
  • Art Adleman, County Commissioner, Mecosta County
  • Mike Severino, former County Commissioner, Ingham County
  • Michael VanderGraaff, Lexington Township Clerk, Sanilac County
  • Jermain Lee Jones, 13th District State Committee Member, Wayne County
  • Paul Leidig, 2nd District State Committee Member, Ottawa County
  • David Barr, County Chair, Grand Traverse County
  • Jackie Champlin, County Chair, Montcalm County
  • Delores Newell, Wayne 11 Vice Chair, Wayne County
  • Ron Hayward, Executive Committee Member, Muskegon County
  • Leon Brewbaker, Precinct Delegate, Clinton County
  • Frank DePiazza, Precinct Delegate, Kent County
  • William Gruenawald, Precinct Delegate, Macomb County
  • Paul Ochmanek, Precinct Delegate, Wayne County
  • Dr. Ronald Paler, Precinct Delegate, Livingston County
  • Kam Ensing, Convention Delegate, Otsego County
  • Bob Struck, Convention Delegate, Marquette County
  • Kay Wyszynski, Convention Delegate, Eaton County
  • Sandy Hollabaugh, Sunrise GOP Women Club Member, Alcona County
  • Al Kukuk, former State Representative, Sanilac County
  • Dennis Lennox, Drain Commissioner, Cheboygan County
  • Rosalie Skwiers, 10th District State Committee Member, St. Clair County
  • Geraldine Burt, County Chair, Gogebic County
  • Gordon Trute, County Chair, Mecosta County
  • Jonathon Brown, former County Chair, Luce County
  • Wesley Bowerman, Precinct Delegate, Berrien County
  • Robert Crosby, Precinct Delegate, Grand Traverse County
  • Buck Kuisel, Precinct Delegate and candidate for State House, Clinton County
  • Veronica Horn, Precinct Delegate, Saginaw County
  • Robert Kerr, Precinct Delegate, Ingham County
  • Steve Kolhoff, Precinct Delegate, Wayne County
  • John Lynch, Precinct Delegate, Washtenaw County
  • Cliff Martin, Jr., Precinct Delegate, Muskegon County
  • Roland Michals, Precinct Delegate, Macomb County
  • Gary Pruden, Precinct Delegate, Eaton County
  • Elizabeth Sipfle, Precinct Delegate, Oakland County
  • Barb Haggard-Sheets, Convention Delegate, Charlevoix County
  • Brad Williams, Convention Delegate, Jackson County
  • Stephanie Reinert, MSU College Republican, Kent County
  • Connie Binsfeld, former Lieutenant Governor, Leelanau County
  • Gregory Alexander, Drain Commissioner and GOP County Secretary, Sanilac County
  • Christopher Roosen, Northville Township Trustee and Precinct Delegate, Wayne County
  • John O’Brien, Hudsonville City Council, Ottawa County
  • David Stephenson, County Commission Board Chairman and Precinct Delegate, Crawford County
  • Carol Stephan, former State Committee Member, Charlevoix County
  • Irene Mitchell, Republican Women’s Federation of MI Bylaws Chair, Oakland County
  • Paul Cusick, Michigan Young Republican Secretary, Wayne County
  • Sam Burwell, County Chair, Shiawassee County
  • Dr. Wayne Francisco, former County Chair, Montmorency County
  • Kenneth Griffin, former County Chair, Alcona County
  • Dale Jarman, County GOP Treasurer, Isabella County
  • Pauline Ferris, Executive Committee Member, Newaygo County
  • Delores Kalmbach, Precinct Delegate, Saginaw County
  • Dick Jackson, Precinct Delegate, Emmet County
  • Gregory Julian, Precinct Delegate, Leelanau, County
  • Suzann Ruch, Precinct Delegate, Clinton County
  • Richard Swindlehurst, Precinct Delegate, Isabella County
  • Yvette Thompson, Precinct Delegate, Macomb County
  • Jeff Newberry, Convention Delegate, Kent County

Romney Backs 11 in Michigan

By Alexander Burns (@aburnspolitico,

SCORE EXCLUSIVE – MR. MICHIGAN: Mitt Romney, campaigning in Michigan this week for former Gateway CEO-turned-gubernatorial nominee Rick Snyder, plans to back 11 new Republican candidates in the state and send them a total of $28,400. Romney will endorse Reps. Dave Camp, Thaddeus McCotter, Candice Miller, Mike Rogers and Fred Upton for reelection and put his seal of approval on challengers Dan Benishek, the GOP nominee for retiring Democrat Bart Stupak’s seat; former Rep. Tim Walberg, who’s running to reclaim his old House seat from Democratic Rep. Mark Schauer; and former state Rep. Rocky Raczkowski, the candidate against Democratic Rep. Gary Peters.

Romney will also announce his support for open-seat candidates Bill Huizenga and Justin Amash, the heavily favored Republicans running to succeed outgoing Reps. Pete Hoekstra and Vern Ehlers, and officially endorse Bill Schuette, the GOP nominee for attorney general. Every one of those federal candidates will get a $2,500 check from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC, while Schuette previously received $3,400. All told, it’s a significant financial investment in Romney’s native state, which he won during the 2008 primaries and where his father once served as governor.

As four states vote, careers teeter on the brink and tens of millions of self-funded campaign dollars threaten to go up in smoke, here’s POLITICO’s Morning Score: your daily cheat sheet for the 2010 midterm elections.

Tea Party Kicked Off Ballott

MIRS Breaking News – Tea Party Kicked Off Ballot

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Board of State Canvassers today voted to keep the alleged “fake” Tea Party off the General Election ballot after the Republicans on the four member panel found the group was too sloppy in using the article “the” in their official paperwork filed with the state.

The party, created by Mark STEFFEK, plans to take the issue to the Court of Appeals as soon as Wednesday, according to attorney Michael HODGE.