Oakland County Circuit Court Liberal, not conservative like Johnson Claims

Yesterday, a group of Republican Delegates in Oakland County called for Ruth to stay in as County Clerk because she would be replaced by a liberal Democrat if she had to step down from County Clerk to be Secretary of State. Ruth Johnson countered saying that a Republican would be elected to replace her. The Michigan Report received a press release today that seems to prove that the individuals that would have to elect a new County Clerk are liberal Democrats, and would elect a liberal Democrat to succeed her.

The Press Release, received from Mike Hoffman, goes on to say that

“Chief Circuit Judge Nanci Grant would preside over the election for a new County Clerk. The Oakland County Circuit Court is not a conservative bench as Johnson claims. In fact, the liberal majority who control the existing Michigan Supreme Court picked her to be chief judge on her bench. Those liberal justices do not pick Constitutional conservatives for leadership positions.”

Between Judge Grant and her liberal husband, Mark Frankel (2008 Oakland County Probate Court candidate), they have received the following endorsements in the recent past:

Gilda Jacobs (Democrat) for Senate
Dennis Archer (former Democrat Mayor of Detroit)
Sam Bernstein (legendary liberal trial lawyer – 1-800-CALL-SAM)


One response to “Oakland County Circuit Court Liberal, not conservative like Johnson Claims

  1. Ken and I support Paul Scott, Brenda Battle Jordan

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