New Convention Rules Cause Stir Amongst GOP

Last week, the Michigan Report published an article, Weiser Trying to Control Convention.

Ron Weiser has changed the rules of convention to try to re-elect moderate GOP Incumbent, Don Nugent. Here is the memo about the rule change.

Today, MIRS ran with an article about these rules causing a stir at convention. Here are some clips from that article:

Under Weiser’s changes, Republicans will only hold a maximum of two votes on the Secretary of State nomination as opposed to a potential four, and it will elect its education and Supreme Court nominees in such a way that a candidate who loses in the first ballot can not run for the second spot on the ballot.

The later rule change has agitated some Republicans, who are concerned that Weiser is trying to create a favorable environment for his preferred nominee for the Michigan State University (MSU) Board of Trustees, incumbent Don NUGENT.

“There’s no question that’s what he’s doing,”

[Greg] McNeilly was asked about the rumor that the fight against the rule change is being staged by MRP powerbrokers Chuck and John YOB of Strategic National as a way to better the chances that their client, Lyons, would have a better shot at the convention.

Asked to respond to McNeilly’s comment and their role in trying to change the rules, John Yob said, “I am not a rules committee member and do not have a position on whether Greg McNeilly and his client, the establishment at the Michigan Republican Party, should be able to change the rules to protect an incumbent in the face of a Tea Party challenge brought about by the University’s excessive spending, including the campus in Dubai.”


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