Michelle McManus has the support of key Republican leaders from across Michigan

Including more than 30 Republican county chairs and more than 30 Republican State Committee Members

  • Loren Bennett, former state Senator, former Secretary of State candidate, Wayne County
  • Joanne Emmons, former state Senator, Mecosta County
  • Vaughn Begick, County Commissioner, Bay County
  • Cynthia Infante, Lovell Township Clerk and Precinct Delegate, Crawford County
  • Eileen McNeil, 3rd District State Committee Member, Kent County
  • John Niemela, 1st District State Committee Member, Houghton County
  • Gerald Wall, 4th District State Committee Member, County Chair, Roscommon County
  • Marianne Weiss, 10th District Vice Chair, Macomb County
  • Brian Harger, County Chair, Alcona County
  • Ed Smith, County Chair, Sanilac County
  • Paul Sophiea, State Committee Member, Wayne County
  • William Brown, Precinct Delegate, Isabella County
  • Sean Hammond, Precinct Delegate, Eaton County
  • Chris Larson, Precinct Delegate, Ottawa County
  • Judy Kelly, Precinct Delegate, Kent County
  • Patrick Sanders, Precinct Delegate, Ingham County
  • Emma Galbreath, Convention Delegate, Mecosta County
  • Reka Holley, Convention Delegate, Barry County
  • Verla Jameison, Convention Delegate, Grand Traverse County
  • John Dalton, Chair of the Schoolcraft College Republicans, Wayne County
  • Gail Haines, State Representative, Oakland County
  • Terry London, former State Representative St. Clair County
  • Art Adleman, County Commissioner, Mecosta County
  • Mike Severino, former County Commissioner, Ingham County
  • Michael VanderGraaff, Lexington Township Clerk, Sanilac County
  • Jermain Lee Jones, 13th District State Committee Member, Wayne County
  • Paul Leidig, 2nd District State Committee Member, Ottawa County
  • David Barr, County Chair, Grand Traverse County
  • Jackie Champlin, County Chair, Montcalm County
  • Delores Newell, Wayne 11 Vice Chair, Wayne County
  • Ron Hayward, Executive Committee Member, Muskegon County
  • Leon Brewbaker, Precinct Delegate, Clinton County
  • Frank DePiazza, Precinct Delegate, Kent County
  • William Gruenawald, Precinct Delegate, Macomb County
  • Paul Ochmanek, Precinct Delegate, Wayne County
  • Dr. Ronald Paler, Precinct Delegate, Livingston County
  • Kam Ensing, Convention Delegate, Otsego County
  • Bob Struck, Convention Delegate, Marquette County
  • Kay Wyszynski, Convention Delegate, Eaton County
  • Sandy Hollabaugh, Sunrise GOP Women Club Member, Alcona County
  • Al Kukuk, former State Representative, Sanilac County
  • Dennis Lennox, Drain Commissioner, Cheboygan County
  • Rosalie Skwiers, 10th District State Committee Member, St. Clair County
  • Geraldine Burt, County Chair, Gogebic County
  • Gordon Trute, County Chair, Mecosta County
  • Jonathon Brown, former County Chair, Luce County
  • Wesley Bowerman, Precinct Delegate, Berrien County
  • Robert Crosby, Precinct Delegate, Grand Traverse County
  • Buck Kuisel, Precinct Delegate and candidate for State House, Clinton County
  • Veronica Horn, Precinct Delegate, Saginaw County
  • Robert Kerr, Precinct Delegate, Ingham County
  • Steve Kolhoff, Precinct Delegate, Wayne County
  • John Lynch, Precinct Delegate, Washtenaw County
  • Cliff Martin, Jr., Precinct Delegate, Muskegon County
  • Roland Michals, Precinct Delegate, Macomb County
  • Gary Pruden, Precinct Delegate, Eaton County
  • Elizabeth Sipfle, Precinct Delegate, Oakland County
  • Barb Haggard-Sheets, Convention Delegate, Charlevoix County
  • Brad Williams, Convention Delegate, Jackson County
  • Stephanie Reinert, MSU College Republican, Kent County
  • Connie Binsfeld, former Lieutenant Governor, Leelanau County
  • Gregory Alexander, Drain Commissioner and GOP County Secretary, Sanilac County
  • Christopher Roosen, Northville Township Trustee and Precinct Delegate, Wayne County
  • John O’Brien, Hudsonville City Council, Ottawa County
  • David Stephenson, County Commission Board Chairman and Precinct Delegate, Crawford County
  • Carol Stephan, former State Committee Member, Charlevoix County
  • Irene Mitchell, Republican Women’s Federation of MI Bylaws Chair, Oakland County
  • Paul Cusick, Michigan Young Republican Secretary, Wayne County
  • Sam Burwell, County Chair, Shiawassee County
  • Dr. Wayne Francisco, former County Chair, Montmorency County
  • Kenneth Griffin, former County Chair, Alcona County
  • Dale Jarman, County GOP Treasurer, Isabella County
  • Pauline Ferris, Executive Committee Member, Newaygo County
  • Delores Kalmbach, Precinct Delegate, Saginaw County
  • Dick Jackson, Precinct Delegate, Emmet County
  • Gregory Julian, Precinct Delegate, Leelanau, County
  • Suzann Ruch, Precinct Delegate, Clinton County
  • Richard Swindlehurst, Precinct Delegate, Isabella County
  • Yvette Thompson, Precinct Delegate, Macomb County
  • Jeff Newberry, Convention Delegate, Kent County

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